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L'Internet delle cose avrà un ruolo più importante nei viaggi post-pandemia

Internally, operations and business costs can be streamlined with the use of IoT technology. The collection of data from IoT sensors could allow for tourism attractions to analyze if employees are spread evenly across a theme park for example, reducing the chance of certain employees being overworked which may improve organizational commitment. This internal benefit also creates an external advantage as customers will receiver quicker service. Additionally, IoT can help companies to improve energy efficiency and combat climate change by monitoring and optimizing temperature, lighting, and overall energy consumption.

Externally, IoT can help to create personalized experiences for customers in two main ways. The first is by enabling travelers to control more appliances or services through a centralized device, such as a tablet or mobile application. Secondly, by companies storing data gathered from IoT enabled devices to create targeted personalized marketing campaigns or by remembering their preferences for return visits.

With 82% of travel and tourism executives expecting efficiency improvements in the coming years when utilizing IoT technology, combined with the ability the technology holds to make travel experiences more COVID-secure, IoT’s role in tourism is set to grow.

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